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Doing Analytics Is Sometimes Frustrating

There are many reasons why analytics is not a seamless convenient experience even for experts:

  • Data is incomplete or wrong and requires correction prior to analytics
  • Access to data needs IT support with limited availability
  • The volume is too large to be handled in spreadsheets
  • There is multiple data sources that need to copied together
  • Any update requires lot's of manual integration work

And many more aspects that make analytics not always a convenient task to do.

Yes, there are many more tools available. But, they most often require some sort of coding and are not mastered within an hour of self-learning.

That is why we created AutoBI Studio. AutoBI Studio is a codeless analytics environment that provides a seamless experience for handling your sales and marketing with analytics.



Codeless Data Extraction and Browsing

AutoBI Studio provides a seamless data access experience.


Adhoc Data Cleansing, and Augementation

Analyst can directly modify the data set and save it on the data base.


Easy Integration Into Most Data Sources

Automized connections to systems like Shopify, Salesforce or Facebook Ads drive consistent data.


Run Different Analytics Scenarios

Run analytics with corrected data using the embedded analytics functionality.


Export Results For Further Usage

All data and analytics results can be saved on the database for further use in other systems.


Simple AI and 3rd Party Service Integration

AI and other algorithmic results can be integrated and reviewed.

AutoBI Studio in a Nutshell

AutoBI Studio supports you to get exact the marketing and sales data you need to conduct your data-driven decision making. Data is extracted from multiple data source and pre-processed to support business analytics.

The super intuitive attribute-data browser allows you to review very large data sets easily. You can also conduct analytics task or correct data. Any preprocessed AI input such as forecasts or churn risk can be integrated into the existing data landscape.

The corrected and analysed data sets can be stored individually or collectively for further usage in spreadsheets, other BI tools or even other application. This allows to run adhoc analytics or data reviews seamlessly, codeless and without any upfront data engineering.

Finally, any new data integrates seamlessly into your defined analytics without any further action.

What Are Your Benefits?

  • Join, integrate and access data from multiple sources without a single line of code
  • Consolidate automatically all data into a single semantic model that is tailored to your analytics requirements
  • Correct and augment data or rename properties to personalize the data model to your needs
  • Browse very large data sets intuitively and embrace data complexity easily
  • Run adhoc analytics to generate immediate insights
  • Save all changes back to the data base without any code
  • Access your results from other tools or share it with other parties
  • Let machines do the heavy lifting of updating your analytics with any incoming new data

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