AI-supported Planning for Omni-channel E-commerce



Optimize Omni-channel Demand Planning

Omni-channel sales requires channel-specific analytics and predictions.


Align Planning to Assortment Characteristics

Let AI help to understand your assortment and performance to optimize demand planning.


Easy Integration Into e-Shop and Marketplaces

Connections to all source systems like Shopify or AmazonSeller drives consistent data.


Scenarios for New Products/Channels

Use algorithms to generate sales scenarios for new channels or new products.


What-to-buy long-term planning

Run multiple supply scenario with different purchasing budgets to optimize economic outcomes.


Optimize (Re-)Order Planning and Volumes

Use different ready-to-use algorithms to optimize your reorder policy.

AI-supported Demand Planning for SKU/Channel Scenarios

  • Set and compare multiple scenarios in real-time observing all effects when modifying parameters of demand and supply
  • Planning horizons can be adapted to the required scope
  • Define your parameter setting on category, SKU or channel level
  • DispodyneR automatically analyses the assortment and recognizes the SKU planning character such as obsolete
  • DispodyneR proposes a baseline utilizing advanced algorithms that can be manually re-selected
  • Scenarios can be developed easily, stored and retrieved for further modifications
  • All planning is conducted on the newest data extracted from e-shop and inventory holding systems




Interactive demand planning with historical and future demands

  • Instant illustration of historical sales per SKU or aggregated by category or channel
  • Algorithmic demand planning scenario to judge plausible forecasts
  • Planners can adjust forecast proposals resulting from 'backcasting' to inject more context
  • Forecast algorithm options are also illustrated to switch to other scenarios easily





Manual Adjustments to Capture Context Data

  • Adjustments can be made as multiplier or using absolute volumes
  • Overrides are often conducted to adjust for single sales events such as Prime day or promotions
  • Adjustments can be conducted on SKU, category or channel level
  • The consequences can be visualized immediately to decide if extra volumes are covered by inventory










Optimized Replenishment Policy with Inventory Outlook

  • DispodyneR allows for different replenishment policies such as reorder point method or fixed cycle reordering
  • Based on the selected method, DispodyneR calculates optimized re-order point and volumes
  • Planers can see the immediate impact of changed demand scenarios on their inventory and delivery performance
  • Risk for stock-outs and overstock can be detected far in advanced to allow for counter-measures if necessary

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