Looking For Answers
In Your Ecommerce Data?

Adhoc analytics is a perfect approach to convert raw data into usable information




Hollistic Insights Require
A Hollistic View On Data

We made AnySizeView to provide no code comprehensive ecommerce analytics



Editing Massive Data Sets Can Be Frustrating

But this is can be changed. AnySizeEdit has been developed for this purpose:

We focus specifically on merchants with large product or complex assortment that have a high change dynamic. Most often this cannot be automized and humans need to make the modification.

As contextual information drive the merchant's decision, any change is highly interactive.

That is why we created AnySizeEdit. AnySizeEdit allows merchants to see their entire assortment in all details on one screen. With this view any changes can be made manually or by formula literally changing thousands of product fields with just one click.

What Are Typical Use Cases

  • Product SEO
  • Managing pricing and discounts
  • Managing metafields
  • Edit Product Features using all fields
  • Introduce new products from .csv and modify with data from existing products such as tags
  • Schedule feature changes, on-time vs. recurring
  • Managing products on different sales channels such as Google Shopping,…
  • Export product data for other purposes or usage
  • Modify tags in products and variants
  • Manage logistical master data such as weight, #EAN(barcode)
  • Identify and correct incomplete data sets such as missing images
  • Identify and correct inconsistent data sets such as spelling of product type, blue vs. Blue



Explore Data of Any Size on Your Screen

Do no limit yourself by spreadsheet capacities or the computer power of your hardware.


Easily Connect to Most Shops via API

We can use over 600 off-the-shelf connectors to apps and data sources.


Edit Product While Seeing All Data on One Screen

AnySizeEdit applies a unique view to handle very large data sets compressed on one screen.

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Please get in touch with us for any questions or further testing our technology.

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