Dispodyne Provides Predictive Analytics for Omnichannel E-Commerce

Our objective is to optimize the omnichannel performance of your E-commerce sales



Understanding Channels is Key to Drive E-commerce Performance

Dispodyne algorithms analyze channels and buying behavior to drive profitability.



AI-driven Planning and Execution for E-commerce Sales

In volatile times managing omnichannel sales we perceive as challenging to avoid stock-outs or overstock as well as optimizing channel performance. Machines can support human expert insights into market and channel behavior. That defines the starting point of Dispodyne predictive analytics.

Dispodyne e-commerce predictive analytics applies advanced augmented intelligence, machine learning and stochastic algorithms to help merchants and DTC producers to run their sales and demand planning processes when operating in the dynamic field of e-commerce in multiple channels and storefronts.

Dispodyne has a toolset that analyzes the demand signal of previous customer buying behavior separated by segment, category, storefront, channel and other criteria. Based on these analytics clients are enabled to run a guided scenario planning to generate sales and demand forecasts that fits the merchants market expectations including campaigns and other measures. We also provide algorithmic to convert unconstrained into constrained demand.



Understand Your Omnichannel Performance

Omnichannel sales with heterogeneous collections requires rigorous analytics.


Control Your Assortment Performance

Understand your assortment and its sales performance to optimize your sales and demand planning.


Easy Integration Into e-Shop and SCM Systems

Data connections to all source systems like Shopify allow consistent access to all data.


Sales Planning for New Products/Channels

Draw analogies and based on relevant historic data algorithms generate sales forecasts.


What-to-buy scenario planning

Run multiple supply scenario with different purchasing budgets to optimize economic outcomes.


Optimize ROI in (Re-)Order Planning

Drive ROI using intelligent algorithmic like optimizing order quantities.

Our Team

Robert K. Diab

Co-Founder and Head of Product. Enthusiastic to get AI technology and services into enterprises.


Dr. Jan Philipp Hummen,

Co-Founder and CTO. Has focussed most of his business life on extracting insight from data.