'Never Be Out-Of-Stock Again' - Data-Driven Demand/Supply Planning for Omni-channel E-commerce

Stock-outs for Smooth Running Products Can Be Avoided

But Most Clients Operate in This World

This is How Demand/Supply Is Often Done And Causes Stock-outs

And This is How We Work to Avoid Stock-outs

Use Cases and Client Demands, We Came Across

  • Demand prediction with hybrid approach of human/machine input.

  • Multiple levels of aggregation to browse the SKU-Storefront portfolio quickly.

  • See overall effects of ad-hoc planning such as promotions.

  • De-composable scenario planning to be modified easily.

  • Stock-shortage and over-stock in one view.

  • Collaborative planning to make it a team effort.

  • Browse the portfolio by parameters such as revenue or margin contribution.

  • New product or channel listing made easy using adjustable references.

  • SKU-fulfillment specific re-order policy setting.



Optimize Omni-channel Demand Planning

Omni-channel sales requires channel-specific analytics and predictions.


Align Planning to Assortment Characteristics

Let AI help to understand your assortment and performance to optimize demand planning.


Easy Integration Into e-Shop and Marketplaces

Connections to all source systems like Shopify or AmazonSeller drives consistent data.


Scenarios for New Products/Channels

Use algorithms to generate sales scenarios for new channels or new products.


What-to-buy long-term planning

Run multiple supply scenario with different purchasing budgets to optimize economic outcomes.


Optimize (Re-)Order Planning and Volumes

Use different ready-to-use algorithms to optimize your reorder policy.

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