Managing Pricing Dynamically
In Times of Inflation

AnySizeEdit makes ALL your pricing data accessible




Inflation May Erode Your Profits
Even When Revenue Goes Up!

Leverage the full potential of your profitability data with AnySizeEdit



Securing profitability becomes the #1 issue in times of inflation

As the cost basis becomes dramatically more dynamic, understanding pricing is key.

But, most firms run it manually on spreadsheets disconnected from their CRM and ERP environment.

This is why we developed AnySizeEdit. A toolset to review and act on complex pricing models.

Understanding your cost-margin-pricing structure is essential

As pricing is a managerial task using large data sets, visualization is key to develop tailored pricing plans

Furthermore, price adjustments need to be carried out quickly

As such executing price changes directly on transaction systems is essential



Explore Data of Any Size on Your Screen

Do no limit yourself by spreadsheet capacities or the computer power of your hardware.


Can Be Connected to Many Data Sources

AnySizeView connects to all common data sources such as MSSQL, Excel, BigQuery, Snowflake and many more


Explore Your Data With Clicks not With Code

AnySzieView applies a unique view to handle very large data sets compressed on one screen.


Use Extended BI Functionality on All Data

Work your data set with Excel-type business intelligence functions


Clean, adjust and modify your data

Clean your data sets to ensure excellent quality as a business foundation.


Log all modifications to document changes

All data modifications are documented to understand what was going on.


Please get in touch with us for any questions or further testing our technology.

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