Understanding the Performance of
Visuals Is Key For Conversions!

Creative Performance Measured With KPIs As All Other Campaign Elements




AnySizeX Connects The Performance
of Visuals With the Performance of Ads

We made AnySizeX to provide no code comprehensive paid media analytics



Paid Media Performance Overwhelmingly Depends On Visuals

Getting the attention of people is a hard task. Using visuals in paid media is the dominant way to provide a scroll stopper.

Most firms use and test a massive amount of visuals to find creatives that grap the media consumers attention. But the devot very little time to evaluate how the visuals perform over time. And moreover, what elements in the visuals are driving more or less performance of the underlying ads.

This is partly caused as more agencies separate performance and creative management. But this causes ROAS loss and makes ad spent inefficient.

That is why we created AnySizeX. AnySizeX combines performance data and visuals in one view. This allows to compare many different combinations of visuals, text and ads under all the different aspects of the underlying adsets and campaigns.

What Are Typical Use Cases

  • Measure the visual/creative performance
  • Group performance parameters by ad, by adset or by campaign
  • Use other parameter from source like Googleanalytics and Shopsystems



Explore Data of Any Size on Your Screen

Do no limit yourself by spreadsheet capacities or the computer power of your hardware.


Easily Connect to Most Shops via API

We can use over 600 off-the-shelf connectors to apps and data sources.


Edit Product While Seeing All Data on One Screen

AnySizeEdit applies a unique view to handle very large data sets compressed on one screen.


Please get in touch with us for any questions or further testing our technology.

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