In the following section, we provide demos which illustrate the technology components in our stack:


Once unconstrained demands are computed, advanced optimization algorithms are required to optimize supply under all constrains. These constrains comprise packing, order quantities, delivery cycles and others.

DispodyneS is our online real-time analytics engine that calculates for any given supply-demand-pattern the resulting potential operating point of your system, i.e. all SKUs aggregated. It provides you with the delivery performance potential reflecting your current aggregated inventory and replenishment management.

For the uploaded data set, the DispodyneS also calculates then all possible operating points for each individual stock-keeping-unit (SKU). Based on this you may evaluate the potential of lower inventory or higher delivery performance when using the Dispodyne algorithms.



Most clients start any analytics with MS Excel. We believe that any benefits from data science require the client to continuously develop expertise in using data to drive business. In particular when advanced algorithms are massively used, the use of common sense and linear extrapolation for validation becomes very difficult. Therefore we have a developed for shops a BI-frontend that is MS Excel based.

The MS Excel in the download section below gets a continuous data feed from an online shop. The current setting covers a variety of KPIs such as AOV, Revenue and margin overview, customer cohort data and some more. The model contains a filter set that allows to view KPIs selected by time, storefront/POS, category and other perspectives.

If you are interest to see your own e-commerce shop data in that fashion, just give us a ring. If we support the shop interface off the shelf like Shopify, this make take less than in hour and only a few clicks on your end. Of course, we also integrate into any BI software such as Qlik or MS Power BI as illustrated below.


Download Excel

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